Sunday, August 8, 2010


well...not exactly, I ended up taking an absence from WoW, and when I came back I sort of just played casually as a holy pally in a 10 man guild...after several events which led me to be gkicked, and the (semi)GM have a breakdown and delete wow I ended up joining another 25 man raiding guild on boulderfist called severance, unfortunately at this time my skills as a lazur turkey are not required, so at the moment I am a resto druid for the guild. I love healing, I mean I have 4 lvl 80 toons all of which are currently main specced healing so clearly I enjoy it, but I never pass up a chance to go balance and pewpewigotu! I still want to make this a balance druid blog however, and am dedicated to keeping it updated now. SO MAKE ROOM FOR MY FLUFFY MOONFIRETAUNTING BOOOTAY Dillybear is back!

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