Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you can dance if you want to, but i prefere more dps time

Movement... the moonkins most hated of enemies, heavy movement fights have plagued the dreams of moonkin for years, but player skill can really compensate for the loss of dps time, so this is the guide to moonkin movement.
First off if you don't have tuskars vitality then get it. 8% movement really can make a difference when it comes to minimizing movement time. Next you wanna make sure that on the pull you find a spot on the floor that is as close to the boss as mechanics allow, the reason for that is if and when they move the boss you have a lot more range no matter what direction they move him. Another big big one is staying spread out(as long as the fight permits) the more people you stand by the higher the chances void zones,fire or what ever crazy circle of death spawns will land on you and since you cant just sit there and take it like a man(though I'm sure most of you have at some point) you need to make sure that when u need to move out of that, it was due to it targeting you not the dude 6 yards away because you didn't /range or any other excuse.When you move make it worth the time you wasted don't just inch in till your range indicator says pew pew take a few more steps and watch if the boss will be moved again and where. Last, know the fight mechanics if its possible to predict when or where fire happens then be prepared to move or just find a spot you know it cant hit you.
BUT no matter how good you are at positioning you still need to move throughout most fights so when you do move make sure its not wasted. the sure fire why to avoid a huge dps loss while moving is to follow what i call the ABC rule: "ALWAYS BE CASTING". If you need to move and you have either dot about to fall off reapply it(yes you do lose DPET[damage per execution time] of that dot, but you will still save gcds later on when you are standing still). If those dots don't need reapplying then your next best option is typhoon if you take it, personally I always include it in my raiding spec for all the utility it offers and its our only real damage on the move spell. Bosses don't get knocked back(I don't glyph it) so it has very little potential for negatives as long as you are aware of what you can and cant push back(the daze still can affect targets that aren't knocked back ex. val'kyrs on LK fight). Then if all that is on cd/still ticking then your last way to make use of that time is GotW in a 25 man raid its a near 100% Chance to get that to proc omen of doom the 2t10 set bonus from clearcasting which is a nice bit of extra damage on your next spell or 2
1. avoid unnecessary movement by choosing good positioning from the start
2.when you move make it worth the time you spent doing it
4.don't be a buffoon spec into typhoon

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